Photo Contest

Our Scavenger Photo Contest is on now, running until September 30th.  It is open to all rubber tire traffic!

Please see the rules for the Scavenger Photo Contest below:

  • Participants register for the contest on our Lucky Highway 13 website.
  • The nine participating communities will designate two iconic photo locations with in their community that are mandatory entries.
  • The contest involves two designated pictures per community, plus a bonus rider choice photo.
  • Participants must enter pictures from each of the 9 communities, before they become eligible to have their rider choice photos entered in the bonus prize draw.
  • Photo Disclaimer: “by entering this contest you give permission for Lucky Highway 13 Tourism Initiative and participating communities to use and/or alter photos”.
  • One photo needs to include the participant in the picture with the icon (could be a selfie) to prove the participant actually traveled to that community.
  • The contest will be set up so that contestants can add to their submissions throughout the summer, this will accommodate those who only make it to a one or two destinations, but they have all summer to get their entries in.
  • The contest will close on September 30, 2018.
  • Prizes: 4 different levels of prizes will be created in the event that individuals are unable to get to all participating communities
    • Minimum 3 communities,
    • 4-6 communities
    • 7-9 communities
    • plus bonus photo
  • Judging criteria: All photos will be judged by an independent organization not involved with the photo scavenger hunt.

Submit Your Photos!